When you know, YOU KNOW.

I used to play a game with life.

I would know something to happen. I would know that I have to go somewhere or to contact someone. And every time I knew that and followed that knowing I would end up having visions about my future, be at the exact right time at the right place, or when I was younger it was usually because I was a key player in something that did not work and needed to come down and to rebuilt a new. The game became really interesting.

And when I was younger I had no idea that I was working with something very real. Although I did felt close to the essence of who I was deep down in my core every time I followed that impulse. It was very natural to me. That ”just knowing” without any explanations needed has influenced every major decision in my life.

I did not always know what for and why, but I really didn’t need explanations to confirm the importance of listening to that inner knowing. I could explore it in myself. There was no book, course or a teacher that could do that. They could only guide me to the right way. And I loved to figure out the clues they left behind and sometimes even those situations, teachings and teachers needed a new form so I was working as a messenger that something is going to change, but don’t worry it will work out for the best.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that one can trust the chaos in life and know that it will work out and bring new better forms of life, new beginnings. You can’t learn it and no-one can take it away from you. It is a gift, a blessing and most of you are using that too in your everyday decisions consciously or unconsciously. You follow that or you dismiss it.

“Trust the chaos in life and know that it will work out and bring new better forms of life, new beginnings. “

Let me give you an example of how that works…

…When you are at home and you suddenly feel like having a cup of coffee. Only you find out that you don’t really have any. You feel tired and do not want to go and get that. Only somehow YOU KNOW that there is something in the grocery store for you than just coffee. So you get up and even if you really don’t want to go you decide to go and follow your knowing.

You get to the grocery store and see that they are out of your favourite brand. So it was useless for you to go there in the first place if you start thinking logically about it. You go out of the store and you see someone in a hurry and dropping their wallet. You pick that wallet and run after them. ”Hey, you dropped your wallet”- You shout. They turn around and you feel like you’ve known this person your whole life.  That person thanks you and is so grateful that asks if you would like to join them for a cup of coffee at the coffee shop that happens to be right next to you.

We all have that in us. It is just about tuning our inner sensitivity to receive the right channel. Like a radio station. When that knowing comes to me it is a subtle sensation yet that knowing it self is unquestionable and intense. Most of the time it does not make sense but when I follow that It always makes sense in the end and in time I will Know exactly why I knew that in the first place.

So the next time you know you should do something, trust something, go somewhere, meet someone, not to do something, not to go somewhere, not to meet someone or just relax and be, KNOW THAT, and follow it and see what happens.

I KNOW I am here at the most chaotic times on history, and as I know that I am here because I should be here, at the right time at the right place, something has to change it’s form for the better,  I also know that everything will eventually turn out more incredible that I thought. Even in chaos we know when to move something or when to wait for a while for it to be in creation.

Everything you can think of creating in your life already exists and it is up to you to create it into existence as you trust and co-create. So You can start to create peace, love and harmony at any time. And TRUST THAT YOU KNOW IT ALREADY IS SO.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com