Trying out your wings

Taking long walks in nature is balancing. Today I had and encounter with a bird who clearly wanted to show me something. It was walking right in front of me and turned it’s head just to see if I was still following it. We walked down a beautiful hill filled with flowers and other plants and trees just oozing that healing energy of nature. The sun was warm and shining brightly.

The bird lead me down the hill and waited for me to catch up with it. Then suddenly it flew to the forest and as I stoped I saw a baby bird on the ground. This baby had still it’s baby feathers sticking out under it’s wings like cotton. It was not moving and felt exhausted and a bit disoriented.

I felt like staying with him for a while. So I was there next to him sending him love and healing while he was clearly relaxing putting his eyes closed. I started to talk to him with my mind: ” Hi beautiful, You just took a big leap from your home. No wonder you feel exhausted and disoriented”. The bird opened it’s eyes looking at me. ” You know how brave you are to go beyond that which is familiar to you and take a leap into the unknown even if you are not sure that those wings of yours can fly?” I said.

” You know there is always help available and it comes in unusual forms sometimes. I bet your home is somewhere near. Just ask for it.” The bird got up from where it was sitting and started to shout with his little baby birds voice. And someone right near, in a tree, started to shout back at him with a similar sound. He got up and started to walk towards the tree. I kept watching him jumping with his little baby bird legs and felt so much love. And I knew he was going to be just fine.

“We can look back and appreciate just how much we are capable of expanding “.

That situation reminded me about us going in our own leaps beyond the unknown. How we feel the call to adventure and at some point decide to try our wings out. At first we fall. Many times. But something is there giving us love and healing and the courage to try again. And when we understand that we can ask for guidance back home it is always available. 

And one day we learn to fly and open up a whole new reality. A world inside a world. A new adventure in the adventure. And we can look back and appreciate just how much we are capable of expanding when we choose so.

That rest of the walk I felt like love was washing over me. Healing, balancing and in perfect peace inside. Now I’d like to share that with you.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Imagine walking on a beautiful area where nature speaks everywhere. Merge with the sensations of these energies, feel them flowing inside your body now. Continue this until you feel ready.

You are always loved.


©Emily Räisänen,