Why moving deeper down is a sign of going higher up

We are living a period of confusion, doubt, fear and chaos. Many of us are asking is there ever a way out of this? When we ask that question we expect the people who take care of our society to have the answers yet we end up having more questions, confusion, chaos. 

Ask yourself this: Do I need an outside source to create peace, love and harmony inside? 

The more proper use of words for this time would be transformation. What happens when we try to change? We hold our old patterns up and take a look at them. Then we make a choice that we change it. Then we start the transformation. Something new. And we go up and down trying to anchor that new into our reality. We have deep periods of loosing everything we knew. Only to return back to harmony and the willingness to create again. Back to trying to change again. We make another effort at it. Each time we go up and down and back to the starting point.

Or so it feels like. When in fact we don’t see that things have shifted because we do not remember the way it was anymore. Something new has already taken its place in our reality. And if you look at the process as going up and down the more we reach up the lower we go? Why? Because we are ready to go deep and take the darkness and have a look at it. So that we can start to heal and reach higher.

My dear readers this transformation will bring us harmony. As our hearts open to find that courage, willingness and strength to look at what is so out of balance in this planet we also allow healing to come to us and healing to come to this planet. To grace us. To anchor into us. To hold love no matter what inside of us.

“If there would be a feeling between our choices that would be unconditional love and compassion.”

We do not need anybody to tell us what to do. We do not need to judge anyones choices. We can stand in our own power and make that leap inside. Peace love and harmony is a frequency. It is a combination of intent, feeling it and making it real in the unlimited self you are. If you wish there was a way out of this confusion…be the transformation. 

Ask yourself: Is this true? Can I let go of everything I have learnt so far and open into something new? Is there an end of suffering and if there was that how would it look like, feel like , be like in your reality?

How can we work together? How can we improve each others lives? What can I do today to face darkness and start working from love?

We all have to make a choice in our lives but understand this; everyone chooses from the point of their perception. We all are making choices from the perspective of how we understand our reality.  There is no room for judging ones you can look at all sides. If there would be a feeling between our choices that would be unconditional love and compassion. We are family. We are a huge cosmic family. We can work together by allowing compassion, forgiveness and love in by anchoring peace and harmony into this moment now.

So allow yourself to feel like you are already at peace inside. Stay strong and let that love flow in. No matter what. Open… more…more…more…relax….and let go.

And then our transformation is complete we come to a still point. Where there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to have. All is already perfect. And then we begin another transformation and reach higher… How high can you lift yourself up? You choose.

You are always loved.


©Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com