Toolkit of a Feminine Warrior Part 3

One day the children of pure love where asked a question: How can the world set the darkness free and become light?

The children felt the question deeply in their hearts and said: We will send you the warriors of the heart. They may seem like they are dreaming and you might  be confused of their silence in their innocence but it is only because you do not yet understand the powers they carry.

They come to you from the source of pure love. They will see what is outdated and they know how to build bridges. They know what is true unity even if they forget. Because they come from the heart. They will assist you but you need to learn to communicate love to them so that they will open more in you. 

But love is not a spoken language. Nor can it be measured by any deed. They can feel you. All of you, the deepest secrets of your soul. So to communicate to them you should hold no lies. They can feel that in you. You must be raw and open as you are and come with a willingness to learn. They will see the sparkle of light in you even when you amongst yourselves cannot see it yet. They will hold love for you and allow you to move into love through yourself. And so you too will learn to see that in you, all of you.

The warriors of love come with their hearts open. Armed with pure love that is unimaginable. It makes no choices. It is there for all. They can walk through hell and carry the fire of their hearts as well are they able to enter into heaven. They desire neither one. For they know where there is hell there is light and where there is heaven there are many ways of perceiving it. And  they are always already home. 

“Love is not a spoken language. Nor can it be measured by any deed. You must be raw and open as you are and allow love through you.”

And while one might think they found heaven they are still tied in their mind and not the heart. So the warriors move in between the inside and outer inside. To merge the mind with that flow of unconditional love. So that we are ready to let go. To be unattached when we anchor more ourselves through that flow. The warrior of love holds no sides even when they are witnessing from one perspective because they can always feel the many different ways that the heart expresses. They feel you deeply as a part of them.

They know true freedom. That we are not free until we become free within it all. To give forgiveness to the darkness is not to expose it and condemn it. It is not to wait until it is over. But it is a knowing inside of them that where darkness is there is light too and so the heart must learn to forgive now. It is an energy a vibration yet to be released and that forgiveness will anchor heaven into the world. To understand that love is even more needed in a dark heart and to release the judgement of your own darkness. So it too can evolve. 

To create that love also creates a new opening in the heart. When you already live from that state of being no matter what you think. Your heart already knows the tools of the warriors.

So they can tell you the tools for opening even more. But they can never explain the power within. Because it is nothing words can describe. And nothing for the mind to understand. To be love of the purest form that is always inside all of us. Remember that….feel it….the pulse of your heart. BE love.

You are always loved.


©Emily Räisänen,