How do we know what is a higher emotion and what is a lower emotion? Remember that all emotions are sounds of the great symphony just in different frequencies. The key here is to access our higher awareness and create higher vibrational responses. 

When we vibrate high all the time we have made a home in the higher dimensions. And to be clear it is your inner state of consciousness that you are working with as a physical form. For thousands of years we thought that we need to dwell in the lower dimensional states just because we where taught it was a normal.

We don’t really focus on creating higher emotions by working with the lower emotions. Instead we get a quick fix of higher emotions just to see after a while that we need something more to keep that feeling up. 

Emotional mastery and healing is a way for you to start to take those emotions and make them something permanent by connecting with the deeper aspect of you. To bring meaning in such a deep level that at the same time you don’t really notice it.

Because you feel so content that you forgot to feel the lack of it. These feelings become so natural as your inner state of being moves in you and embodies your higher aspects that you don’t really notice how incredibly peaceful you are. Your inner emotions are in balance, neither low or high because you are in harmony and accept all of you. You become whole. As you already are.

While you are working towards emotional mastery know that confusion is a big part of the process. It means you have detached yourself from the old you and not yet integrated all of the new aspects that are available to you. Just keep on doing the work you do. If you feel tired take a rest and then start again.  This too will become a natural thing in time and you will know when to rest, when to create the new and when to just full in purge the old out. Listen to your inner knowing. You do know yourself better than anybody else. 

Going through emotions is a big thing and you should give yourself time integrating and aligning with the new. If you feel confused, out of balance and disoriented and are not able to function in your everyday life please take a brake and do grounding exercises. Be mindful of when you need to take a brake. 

“When you have mastered the emotional response you will start to be more creational and choose what you want out of your life experiences.”

When you have mastered the emotional response you will start to be more creational and choose what you want out of your life experiences. What you decide to create is up to you.

The emotional body carries the past. There are all the stored unresolved feelings of all events, situations, lives and relationships and also the BIG THING, your self-love! Yes it is hiding underneath that pile of unwanted and hidden emotions desperately wanting your attention.

The more you repeat the same response and connect it with certain behavior and affirm it with a belief that “this is how it is!”, the more you believe in the complex system that creates your emotional body.  You have created a habitual response every time you feel hurt, fear, anger, shame… but you can start to consciously transform those habits.

You know exactly how that feels. Because it is an imprint in your emotional body system. To change that is to change the way you feel about it the next time it comes into your awareness. Gone are the days when you used to put emotions down. Instead you embrace them, notice them and create new better serving feelings for your whole body. This is very easy to do with conscious breathing. Using your breath to change emotional responses is very easy. Just focus on your breathing when ever you feel a negative feeling taking over your body.

It is also important to let ourselves feel without judging or blaming. Sometimes we cannot express our feelings because it was not allowed. Just allow that for yourself now. You are allowed to feel. We cannot hide away from our feelings. They don’t go anywhere. They need your loving attention. 

Stored emotions are the main trigger of physical and mental dis-ease and when you are faced with that in your life ask yourself what unresolved emotional issues you have that you are ready to let go and heal within you. What can you learn from them? What beliefs about yourself you have when you are feeling those emotions?

To make it simple and easy; What feels good in you takes you there, what feels not right, somehow missing something or not good in you avoid that. Oh… of course there are those moments of feeling uncomfortable yet at the same time you know  in your heart that you have to move that in your life anyway…that’s the fast track. Go for it with an open mind and heart and let love lead the way.

Use your powerful heart to connect with the flow of unconditional love and start to move bit by bit in that way. Lean into discomfort.  And know that there is always unseen help for you if you choose to call it in. To see in the dark you need to see the light in it. It is the same but in a different frequency. This applies to the layers of consciousness as well. You need to match the vibration to become aware of it….

…And you are always already home.

The keys to emotions; become aware of your negative lover frequency emotions (awareness)- look into what it means to you on a deeper level ( beliefs) and allow yourself to feel it – start to change it ( conscious breathing ) – And make the higher frequency emotions permanent ( constant practice of awareness and transformation).

You are always loved.


©Emily Räisänen,

Many times in life we find ourselves focusing on things that happen outside of us. And if only that thing changed then we would be able to feel free, happy and alive. We think we can’t move in our lives because that has not happened yet. We don’t really see another way. So we wait and wait. Before we know it we dive deeper into it. 

We feel lost, out of hope, depressed, angry, betrayed, confused, abandoned, sad…

And we think that what is going on outside of us is causing this. Right at that point we have lost our freedom. We have gone so deeply lost that nothing can make it worse.  We feel a deep disappointment and blame it on other people, situations and even higher powers.

You know what? 

You should congratulate yourself. You have a unique opportunity here. When we say we cannot have an affect on things, we can ALWAYS have an affect in our own inner state. The opportunity here is to go deeply into that darkness and merge it with the light inside. You have the ability to choose what you experience inside of you.

Light and dark are not separate. They are aspects of the same in a different form. When you find yourself deeply in the dark inside your mind, body and life, try to find something that you can forgive. Darkness can’t live in forgiveness. When darkness is forgiven it returns to the light. It is transmuted in the source of all existence. It becomes what it always was, a part of everything in a pure form. 

I was instructing a full Breathwork Class and while people had their session someone started to cry. Right at the other end of the room someone else started laughing. Then just like being in an intelligent rhythm they switched. The person who laughed started to cry and the person who cryed started to laugh. 

What a beautiful thing to witness. See nothing happens by coincidence. It is like looking at the creation of a symphony where all sounds find their purpose in harmony. A beautiful harmony in an order. It might sound chaotic if we can’t find all of the notes but when we listen carefully it really starts to make a structure of harmony, unity, order in chaos, pure intelligence and the higher heart in action. Merging duality.

You are a powerful creator in your life. Allow that symphony to arrange itself into harmony. You can allow a higher power inside you to guide you home.

“By finding your own darkness

you find a way to contribute to light “

This is really important. Probably the most important thing I can teach you…

…You can have a beautiful opportunity right now to find out what is dark IN YOU and let that go by forgiving yourself, others and your life situations. Are you angry? Do feel like something is somebody else’s fault? Do you feel lost and hopeless? Who is feeling this?

Go deep inside of you by finding your own darkness and you find a way to contribute to the light of our collective energy by releasing, transmuting and forgiving all. All of it. Everything. Go into your heart and forgive.

Not for the others, not for the life situations but because of you. When you forgive you will expand, feel lighter, become a whole other vibration in energy, a being of light. That will spread like a violet fire around you and will release those people and situations out of darkness. It starts with you. You have the ability to be a bridge between dualism and merge that all into unity. 

Oh and by the way, you have All That Is, the most powerful force behind you. Know that to be true. You are already free and completely forgiven. Allow yourself to feel into that.

That said I know it really is not easy and can be for a moment even painful. So I have prepared a practise for you to go into your heart and find forgiveness.

Practising Forgiveness

Write down everything you feel you need to let go of.

Sit down with your back straight, hands on the knees

Take a few deep breaths

And focus on the top of your head.

Now spiral that focus like a spiral staircase from your head all the way to the middle of your chest.

See a door on the left. Just behind your heart. Open the door and enter in. Close the door behind you.

Feel yourself in your heart.

Now take something out of the list, Reconstruct it in your mind, the things the atmosphere the people and your emotions. When you trigger your emotions move your hands together in front of your heart (like a prayer position). Take a slow breath in and exhale slowly at the same time lower your hands on the knees. Now forgive yourself and forgive others involved. Do this a few rounds until you feel you have cleared the energy.

You breathe your own energy in and breathe out and release the energy that does not belong to you back to someone else. Allow them to become clear. Allow yourself to unite with your own energy that they ones had. Own your energy space. Allow that forgiveness in.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen,

There is something in every situation in our lives, if we start to become interested, that can change whatever chaos you are currently experiencing. When we find ourselves in the middle of a chaotic event in our now moment there are many opportunities waiting for our awareness. And it can all seem like an endless battle that just keeps on coming that no matter how hard you try you just keep stuck with those same situations coming at you one after another.

Just read that sentence again.

Then I would like you to think about it, without bringing something from your past experiences, without projecting something that will happen in the future, and just be calm, let your emotions run in the body, with no reaction from your mind at all. Ones you found that sweet place of calmness, even if your body does not agree with it, stay there. 

Our body repeats the command our mind has made. It reflects the beliefs , ideas and scenarios you are used to create and then you confirm that state of emotional chaos is real by enforcing it with your mind, the way you think by default. If you want to change, it becomes clear that we have to let our body experience as it is and tell our mind to send new signals to let the body know that You choose NOW a new way to experience this chaos.

My life has been a training ground to teach me just how to stay calm in chaos. If there is one thing that this soul in this human experience is really good at is being calm when everything is in chaos. I have been in numerous of situations where I have been right next to people committing suicide, having life threatening illness, having accidents that can lead to death, in situations creating emotional, physical and mental  trauma. I have been sitting next to death and looked it in the eye with calmness. I have been there as a friend, family member, lover, someone who happened to walk by, a stranger. Just to witness that. My life has been preparing me for ultimate calmness by showing me the beauty of this single playground of existence where we choose to learn and grow.

My body has been repeating this calmness out of default. It is very useful to stay calm and I think it is a beautiful gift that can serve others when those situations occur. So if you want to know how that can be created no matter what the situation is the answer is simple; It is created inside you, as you, in your consciousness. Becoming aware of your thoughts and how your body responds to them. Your body is like a teacher that can tell you when something in your energy needs your attention. And your body signals you to respond. Now the trick there is that YOU CHOOSE WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FOCUS ON. That’s right you my friend are a powerful creator of your life.

“All situations in our lives are opportunities to grow. “

If we look at the world from a point of a teaching environment we can learn to grow spiritually in every situation we have. All situations in our lives are opportunities to grow. If someone told you that this is only one of the educational forms of reality and that you have all the time to learn your lessons, but if you want you can start right now to expand your view of your potential. Would you take that as a possibility or just carry out as you have always done?

What if we had layers and layers of opportunities that reach far beyond our perception of life and death? Would you consider your life from another perspective and start now to work with your limiting behaviours and beliefs? Well a good chance is that if you have read so far you might want to start to reframe the concept of life as it is.

Something happens in my body ones the chaos is over. It automatically clears the energy of that chaos. It releases by crying, shaking, shivering and with a big sigh of relief breath. And just by magic it feels completely balanced again. Now this is another important thing. We can clear away the trauma we have. If you happen to be the calm person in the chaos you still might be holding your own vibration of what ever you have to go through in that situation. Many people just press that down. Just push it down like it never happened. They think it’s strength. Sooner or later that unresolved strength is either creating blocks in your life or the more commonly same situations so that you can clear what ever you need and learn what it is that you need to learn.

Clearing your emotions is beautiful thing. We don’t need to have the feelings of anger, shame, irritation, sadness and so on. We are free to experience a complete non reactive balance. That can take some time to train yourself but that is what this moment to moment offers you. Where do you want to put your focus in? What are you still attached to? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go inside for answers. It can all be found in you. Close your tv, computer, phone. Close the news, other peoples opinions. Just close your eyes and breathe with yourself. Becoming more balanced, non reactive, flowing inside, like a beautiful state of being, just observing and melting into yourself. One layer after another. Connecting with your highest self.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen,

Underneath all chaos there is an order in life. That order works with infinite intelligence. And if we start to look at our individual points of that chaos and use our will to examine the points of order in it we will find out that everything is moving towards a greater expansion.

In my individual point of awareness this realisation occurred while dealing with intense pain. Most people would run to look for a cure. Something to ease the pain. Something to make that go away. Maybe for some-one else to tell you what that pain was and how can it be cured. My soul has a rebel and stubborn power of will and it took a different path of exploration.

One day I woke up with excruciating pain on my shoulder. Just out of nowhere. It was so intense I didn’t know what to do with it. So I did what I do most of the times I find myself in these kinds of situations: I sat with it. Feeling it. Moving my attention towards it. Exploring it. So that I can become familiar with the structure of it. 

Everyday I became more familiar with the little details of intense pain. I had many occasions in between to work with my thinking, feeling and mastering every vibration of energy that was created. Increasing the love and respect I felt for myself. When I’m healing a part of myself I love to add an intention that I am healing that in the collective and I can do this because I know that we are one. So when I get a chance to really dive deep into the darkness I know that I can pull so much light in even if it feels deeply uncomfortable.

Because of that stubborn way of thinking my shoulder started to teach me more. It was feeling better and then I hit into a door. It was feeling better and then I fell on the ice and hit that shoulder again so that only the sound of my breath and my awareness of that breath remained to cope with the pain. With tears running down my face I got up and walked home and…. I sat with it. No analysing, judging or making assumptions. Just becoming aware of the different sensations: feeling of tears running down, feeling of breath taking massive inhales to fill my body with the energy I need, feeling the movement of cells and tissues as they vibrate and are trying to find ways to bring back harmony. And the aliveness of everything happening simultaneously.

“We can consciously move towards the desired frequency and start moving the tones into higher octaves. “

One night I was exhausted. I had a day of dealing with other peoples worries. Supporting them and giving my best in every situation totally forgetting myself. Usually I remember to stop and take care of my own energy but this day I had no time for such pauses. It was like one moment of disaster after another just kept on coming and I was called to assist it to make harmony again. Literally expression of carrying the world on my shoulders. At the end of that day I collapsed with exhaustion and pain just ready to give up…But the stubborn mind wasn’t giving up ”maybe I can still meditate” – said the mind. So I got up and started to prepare to meditate. Feeling worse…. “ ok, maybe if I meditate for the world, maybe I have a better focus then”- said the mind again. 

I focused again and was filled with what felt like a warning that if I don’t lie down now who knows what will happen. I take those feelings seriously and lied down and right at that time a pain mixed with exhaustion started to move in my body. Let me tell you if you observe a thing like that it becomes quite interesting. 

Here again I had to make a decision: be a victim or the adventurer. Since the easy path was already explored in my youth and I found out it created only more chaos in life I realised there was only one thing to do. To take the adventure and merge with it. The tools for that kind of adventure are:

Move your breath in a way that the pain allows you to with least resistance

Relax your body


Repeat until free

See when you move your breath while relaxing your body you will find out that there are multiple ways to move that breath. It might feel small and tight at first but then you trigger more relaxation and you find a more clear passageway for it to flow smoothly. Ones you are on your way of expanding that without any thoughts about it just being with the sensations ( the pain too) you repeat until a breakthrough. What I explained before is that there are no beginnings and ends of sensations but we can consciously move towards the desired frequency and start moving the tones into higher octaves. So in a very practical way of of doing that we breathe, relax, expand and repeat until we are free, we let go.

That exploration took me into the awareness that pain can turn into bliss but in fact they are there at the same time and it is just our point of awareness that chooses what frequency we are focusing in. I spent a long time in just pure bliss totally aware of that pain but the feeling of pain changed and could no longer be called a pain. It was beautiful and natural at the same time. It was.

Be brave my adventurers there is lots to explore. Your mind has the power and your breath has the key. Your heart is the treasure. You can choose with the power of the will, explore with your awareness and be love as the intelligence of your heart.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen,

The higher the frequency the faster and lighter it is. Studies have shown that when put into the same environment, particles of light that have the same frequency gather together. They somehow pull each other together. Light pulls in more light in a unified form.

How do we create a higher vibration? What do you mean by choosing higher thoughts and emotions? Well think about it this way. The universe is alive. There is scientific proof that consciousness exists even in the forms we often disregard like rocks and water. For this to be more understandable think of life as stages that vary in form. And what is form but vibration. There are a lot of things and cycles in the universe that come in seven and all the frequencies have their own qualities. Like I explained before in my post: EVOLUTION PART 2 – Universal Frequencies

When frequency is higher it is also lighter. The right frequency can manipulate gravity. This has been proven with sound. One of the ways to understand the importance of our transformation is to understand the qualities of sound. 

Where can you find sound? Well just close your eyes for a moment and become aware of the many ways we can absorb sound. And let me remind you that it does not only exist in our environment but in our body too. All the functions in the body make sound. Our thoughts make sound. Our emotions create sounds in our bodies. So tracking your frequency can become a little game you play when you become aware of it.

At any moment it is possible to change your inner state and there on have a positive effect in your whole body and mind and access your spiritual essence. The things that are naturally easy for you. Transmuting energy back to its original perfection.

“You can create your inner reality in any situation and that is the essence of frequency. “

So many people have no idea what they want in life or who they are. That to me is a beautiful moment. It’s a moment of letting go of the past. It’s a moment of new possibilities. It’s a moment when we get in touch with our uniqueness in a vast pool of oneness. It’s a moment of joy of releasing limitations and moving into the limitless. that moment should be celebrated.

But in those moments we often feel depressed, stressed and confused. When everything is changing this is a natural reaction when we are not yet in the new that we wanted to create. So we stand in the crossroads waiting if we still resonate with old things, thoughts, beliefs, jobs, friends, family, lovers, life as it was. We can clearly see the other road but we have no idea what is ahead and wondering if that is the path we really want to step into. 

Stop using that which you do not have in your life as an excuse to feel bad. That will only create more of the same. You will be standing in that crossroad for a long time. Instead choose the things you want and use that as a creative power. WE CAN CHOOSE WHAT WE CREATE INSIDE. That is so important. You can create your inner reality in any situation. And that is the essence of frequency. That frequency will attract other similar frequencies and your life will shift towards your desires. In the moment of now you can choose another possibility.

Have you ever felt like “ If only I would have made this choice then this would have not happened?”

That is you accessing your multidimensional self from another perspective. You already have multiple possibilities. What seems to be as a past and future is a trap of illusion of the linear time. We can choose to take that road of inner calling and let our heart lead the way. By making choices (no matter how hard they seem) that lead you towards happiness, excitement and wonder, you are aligning with your purpose in life. The next step is to hold that frequency in the illusion of chaos  and pull yourself into a new dimension.

So choose now to elevate your thoughts and emotions so that you can then become the master of your own reality and a co-creator of our evolution.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen,

I used to work as a laser machine and skin expert. I was teaching doctors how to work with the machines. I understood the technology and also the qualities of the skin. I feel there is a similarity in the way we removed unwanted skin areas and the way we remove spiritually unwanted mental or emotional energies.

This is how we did it:

  • Cut the skin in a perfectly precise area applying laser focus.
  • Take out the part that is less than perfect and leave the healthy skin

And what happened then was that the skin needed to heal. The cure was over and the healing began. It needed several days of healing. The outer layers of the skin were peeled off and left with layers that felt painful when exposed.When the skin heals it naturally renews it self.  Begins to create new strong layers. At first it feels painful. Even more then it did before. And looks like a mess. But in time it was healed into its original perfection healthy, pain free and perfect.

We are removing a lot of contaminated, unnatural areas of our being. We are carefully and in precise focus creating a laser that will remove the smallest impurities. The larger the area the more it takes time to heal. The issue has been removed but we still feel the after effects as we are healing the wounds. And we can’t see that it is actually a healing process. We feel hopeless, angry, frustrated and exhausted to come all the way to going in the darkness to heal that part in us and yet we feel like it is creating more pain.

“Why do we see in the dark?

Because we shine our own light in it.”

Know that it is actually a good thing. We become aware of the unresolved lower frequencies in us. What a gift it is, a blessing. That part in us is healing. We are seeing if there is more of us that needs the laser focus and remove even the smallest things. Nothing but perfection in us will be making it’s way. We are already perfect. At some point all of the unwanted miscreations are removed, gone through a process of healing and returned into it’s original perfection. So what ever you are going through remember to have faith. You are so powerful. There is nothing to fear. It is all already perfect. It is done.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen,

We seek knowledge yet we don’t understand the laws of knowledge and what that knowledge is. There is a certain way that governs everything and understanding how it works requires a warrior who is willing to choose love. Our perspective may feel narrow no matter what we learn and read and think we understand. Only when we are willing to let go of knowing and understand the ways everything moves as it is supposed to, we are ready to explore the hidden meaning of true knowledge. At the same time this is your birthright. To learn and to question. No book, course, teacher or guru can tell you the knowledge. You have to become it. 

We look at life from a single point that seems to be very linear and everything seems to work how it is supposed to be working. ” This is just life ” as we are told. If we like to move from that perspective and widen our view we have to give all perspectives a look at. If something exists how do we know that it is the only truth? Let’s think of our reality as a narrow hole in the sky that we are looking down from. What if you could choose the scenery you are looking at? 

If you would like to widen that perspective you would introduce new options, possibilities into that reality. Now entertain me for a while and pick your favorite life and view of the world. Just close your eyes and imagine that. If that exists what else is there? How far are you willing to imagine? Now imagine standing in that life now. Your favorite place doing the things you love. What then? Is there more? How far are you willing to stretch? What if everything existed at the same time? What if anything you would love to explore already is available for you? What if instead of a narrow view of reality there would be multiple options and possibilities?

You see with the tools of the feminine warrior there comes a key. The key is LOVE.

“You will understand the tools that are the greatest gift to us and an answer to all our questions.”

When we understand the power of our mind we are still governed with a law that can only open in you from love. That power can’t be misused or controlled or ever depleted. It is simple. And for that simplicity you will have to let go of the knowledge of the mind and turn to your heart. Your tools are the mind and the body. At anytime you can become aware of your emotions, reactions and thoughts. You might even be able to change things with your will, but you can’t unlock a code without a heart that sees.

That heart sees compassion, forgiveness, non judgement, in gratitude, in unconditional love and understanding the secrets of purity. Even in the most difficult of situations and events in the most darkest persons. Even when everything seems to be far from the ideal that heart of gold sees through. That is why the key cannot be taken away. It is in you. And you can use that love to create the harmony you desire. And Oh that heart of gold is beyond all that can be. It radiates all over you and into this world. Can you feel it? Can you find it in your heart to clear all distortions in your emotional, mental and physical perspectives with unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude?

In order for the key to activate in you we need to unite together. What would happen if instead of blame, anger, fear and being a victim we would all start to look at things from the heart? The responsibility of the wisdom you gain by aligning yourself with the one heart is togetherness. We all work together clearing our thoughts and emotions and our limited view of the past, future and reality as we know it. How?

  1. Open into not knowing and welcome possibilities
  1. Clear your distortions.

One of the most powerful ways to do that:

Everytime you become aware of an emotional or mental distortion say to yourself: ” I do not think/feel/see things clearly now, I wish to see things differently. I am open for another way.” Breathe deeply into your belly with an even breath in and an even breath out until you can expand your breath into your heart without tension.

3. Come together. 

When something seems to be the opposite at some point there are no boundaries. Pain can turn to bliss in a moment and they intertwine into harmony where both exists together. Come together and unite in love.

Imagine a world where everything is alive and conscious. Your nature speaks, the animals, the water, the air. With the most purest air, untouched nature and live water and food. Where you are together in harmony with everything. Only your mind and heart. You can travel anywhere in your mind. We can speak to each other within our minds. We are free to do what we love to do. Nature provides all our energy. Wind, water, solar, crystal, the food, the drink, everything. Listen to your heart. Your heart is the key. You are the love.


The tools of the feminine can move mountains. Yes she is waiting for humanity to open the key. LOVE.

You are always loved.


© Emily Räisänen,

If the evolutional purpose is to grow and transform what does it mean exactly? How did the man evolve from being part of the connection to earth and the cosmos into separation, lack and forgetfulness? What happened in between today and thousands of years that we can say we have evolved? 

When todays society is speaking of a becoming golden age what are they speaking about exactly and why should you be interested in that? In my earlier blogs I wrote about the vibrations and how our personal vibrational frequency creates our perceivable world. To elevate that which is a frequency one would have to think, feel and act in a desired outcome. Therefore if you want to experience for example love, joy  and peace you would focus on that as a state of being in all levels instead of the unwanted outcome. Energy flows where attention goes.

We have a hard time changing that frequency because in our subconscious mind some aspect of ourselves is still unaware of the frequency it is sending. That is why changing something becomes hard because we are connecting with a cellular memory of an outcome that was created in the past and not yet connecting the brain to create new pathways and new habits in the now. 

To give you a concrete example imagine you want love in your life. 

If your outer world is far from love and everyday you wish you’d see some love in your life you try everything to find love but end up empty handed. If I would break this down for you I would look at few aspects; first you feel the lack of love everyday in wishing and in searching and in confirming that it is not present. Second you try to find that what you feel is missing. See there is an aspect of not having, not being whole that is vibrating in your actions and your thoughts and becoming a sensation in your body and ultimately a habit of being that goes on in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

“If you would want to reverse this frequency you would have to teach your mind that there is no lack. So could it be possible that you in fact are that golden promise?”

If you would want to reverse this frequency you would have to teach your mind that there is no lack, nothing to search for, nothing to wish for and nothing that you already do not have. Therefore  in order to create a matching vibration you would want to create that vibration as it already would be in your life. 

If you want love feel, sense, see, know and become love from inside. Feel love for yourself. How does that feel? Keep repeating that feeling over and over again. Now what is the purpose of elevated feelings and thoughts? It makes us think and act from a  higher point of clarity instead reacting from a state that is not balanced.

When we talk of a golden age what are we talking about? Just from a vibrational point of view in order to create peace, love and harmony we would need to create that vibration inside. So if we would love to see a peaceful, loving world of harmony that is exactly what we would need to create inside. I would like you to think about the saying : “ He/She has a heart of gold”. A heart of gold… we consider that a heart of gold is filled with beautiful qualities. Beautiful vibrations.

And another saying: “ The golden age is coming” Golden Age. Beautiful qualities in that too. Beautiful vibrations. And where do we create vibrations? In our being. So could it be possible that you in fact are that golden promise? That it would be you who through your every word, thought and action would create a stream of golden light of vibrations inside yourself that then reflect those beautiful qualities in the physical reality, cosmos and beyond… Feel how that resonates with you for a while. There is so much love for you. All you have to do is let it in and start creating the world for yourself that you want to have, become your reality. Ascending into a golden being of light.

You Are Always Loved.


© Emily Räisänen,

What kind of world do you want to create? I’m not asking what have you experienced in the past but out of curiosity: What is a world of your dreams made of? Stop at this question just for a moment.

Can we create our reality? Can we start life like an empty canvas and start to create that world we truly want to live in? 

Many times in our lives we feel stuck and unable to tap into the unlimited resources that we have inside of us. Why is that? When we feel like we have so much to give to the world but something blocks us?

There has been many studies that have come to the same conclusion of us working on an autopilot mode most of our day. We are using our subconscious behavioural habits and patterns to go through life instead of becoming a conscious creator of our lives. We are letting life happen to us instead of becoming the creators of our own reality.You wake up, make your breakfast, and then maybe drive to work, you work for that day , come home, relax in your own way and start that same process again and again everyday.

Did you notice how you woke up? Did you taste and enjoyed what you had for breakfast? Did you look around you and felt the movements of your body while you where driving or where you in your thoughts about the future or past and then suddenly arrived at your workplace? What was going on when you came home? How do you relax and what is it exactly that relaxes you in that?

What are the subtle details of your day? How many times where you consciously aware of the things happening in and around you? Why do you do the things you do everyday? Does it bring you joy?

In every moment we have a chance to choose what we want. And by making a conscious choice you are ahead of your own destiny. If you create your loops of autopilot habits in your life you can become aware of it and choose to create something new. If you choose everyday the same things, thoughts and actions and at the end of a day feel like life just never changes you are looking at the answer in those habits and patterns of the mind-body autopilot. What are the details of your life?

By becoming aware is the first step to change. Instead of shame, quilt, blame, anger and frustration see if you can find acceptance and love for yourself. Becoming aware means not to get attached or piling up more problems over problems. It means observing without judgement and a clear point of view into what is it that needs to fall away or change in you so that you can create more space for the new. 

“In every moment we have a chance to choose what we want. And by making a conscious choice you are ahead of your own destiny.”

Imagine holding an orange. You see a bright colour, you smell the rich sent. You feel its surface, its shape and texture. How many details can you find?

Now imagine yourself and other people as that orange. Imagine the qualities you hold for the people in your life. Imagine the qualities you hold for yourself. As you imagine that you start to feel that there is something more to the outer experience. Something that seems almost soft. And you wonder if you could see something more. So you dig a little deeper into yourself. You look beyond the first impression and get to know yourself and  other people as something more. 

You peel of the skin of an orange. A wonderful sent fills the air. A soft shell opens and shows you a beautiful delicious fruit. It tastes sweet and juicy and you enjoy every second of eating that fruit. As you enjoy that fruit you are left with the skin and some seeds. The experience is over. The peel no longer gives you the feeling you had in the beginning.

In life we go through moments of excitement and when we first discover something it gives us the first impression, we make assumptions, we take notes and compare it to our beliefs about our experiences to see if we can enhance those assumptions. We know what that other person is like and has always been. We form an identity of who we are and will always be. And then we forget to  experience the first touch of an orange. We forget the seed of potential that lives inside everything.

What if you and every person you’ve met was the seed of that orange?  If that seed would get right conditions, perfect soil, sunlight, warmth and care it could grow, expand and  blossom and grow new fruit one day. If it would be left unseen, not nurtured and loved in the dark it would not grow. 

But would that seed still be a seed of potential? And would you and everyone around you be capable of growing in the right circumstances?

If you where the gardener what would you do to help yourself and everyone else to grow into the best version of themselves? You would give them a space to grow. You would love and nurture them. You would shine a light on them. Now do that to yourself. Give yourself some love. 

It all starts from that seed. What kind of world do you want to create?

You are always loved.


© Emily Räisänen,

You have all that you need to create anything you want. There are sometimes things that feel like they control your possibilities, but it all comes down to what is it that you believe is possible and how do you shift your awareness in such a way that it becomes easy to see all distortions in your life.

Feel free to read my blog in Evolution Part 1-3 before this material.

Now I want you to take a breath and keep that breath awareness through everything you read in this blog. If you catch yourself holding your breath or analysing in your mind just bring your awareness back to your breath. You don’t need to understand this intellectually. This is about you remembering your own possibilities. It doesn’t matter if your mind believes it is true or not. If you resonate with it you chose to read it and in some level you remember and start to integrate this information into your own life. So read on.

Frequencies don’t move the same rate. When we have a lower frequency it is also denser in form and slower in movement. And a higher frequency is lighter in form and faster in speed. If we think of lower frequency emotions  like anger, fear, shame and quilt for those emotions to become dense enough to physically materialized they would create illnesses and unexplainable pains. 

That is a slow process and in that process we have time to change our frequencies higher like acceptance, neutrality or willingness. And changing the way we feel about it we would lift our frequency and lift the possibility of that emotion becoming into a dense form.

The same way if you ever had the feeling that time is speeding up you are going through a frequency that vibrates higher-faster-lighter. How does that feel? How does moments of joy, love and peace feel? It feels like you forget all your troubles and you feel light as a feather and you might run into disturbance but you can easily navigate through it right? To experience something in form you have to have a matching frequency.

Everything you experience is neutral until your perception gives a meaning to that situation and that is when it becomes a mental projection that you start to create and reaffirm with what you believe in. That is when that neutrality in vibration starts to come divided and create polarities. I already talked in my earlier blogs about how balance and harmony are looking for that neutral state. 

For us to raise our awareness, our frequencies we need to first become conscious about our lower projections so that we can start working with them to change our behaviour and our mental-emotional autopilot into a conscious self mastering being. 

To face your shadows is to bring new awareness into it. There are thousands of techniques to it but try this for a start…

Every time you catch yourself from acting , thinking and feeling from a lower frequency ( you can call it negativity if it feels more familiar to you) say to yourself: “ In this moment I choose to see things differently”. That way you acknowledge your reactions and emotional state in a witness perspective and change it into neutrality. Remember that it has taken your mind years to create beliefs and it takes a while ones your mind buys the new ways and creates new neural pathways. So be patient and give compassion and love to yourself.

When we are able to drop the idea of living in the past, drop that thought and drop the emotions that go with it we are making room for new energy of possibilities to have space to create new experiences. We evolve and grow. It is up to you to choose where you want to put your focus on. And if you would like to lift your frequencies higher you want to start changing the ways you think, feel and act in each moment.

Are you still breathing? =)

“For us to raise our awareness, our frequencies we need to first become conscious about our lower projections so that we can start working with them to change our behaviour and our mental- emotional autopilot into a conscious self mastering being. “

To get you an idea about our conscious development  I will still explain something. So keep on breathing you are reading this for a reason. To remember. All the keys to unlock your power is inside you. You are a powerful creator filled with wisdom and love. Believe in your unlimited potential.

We are experiencing our realities from twelve harmonics ( like when I explained music and scales). All of the harmonics are like platforms or stages of consciousness but not in a linear sense. We can experience lower and higher over tones. There are 12 over tones in each experience of the 12 harmonics . 

After elevating a higher tone you climb up a scale of the 12 over tones. Ones you reach the 12th over tone in higher tone in a harmonic you then step into a new harmonic, you step into a higher consciousness. You can still exist in between the harmonics too. That lets you access multiple dimensions of reality simultaneously. That part of you is controlled by your pineal gland and neurotransmitters in your brain. So this explains us to have the same experience but to have a totally different view about it. And that is because we are experiencing from our individual frequency. All you need to do is to shift your awareness and shift your perception about it and you have a new experience.

Breathing still? Good. Take this information and use it to benefit and elevate your consciousness and to raise your awareness on infinite possibilities. Become limitless. 

You are always loved.


© Emily Räisänen,