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This site will share tools for opening your HEART, expanding your MIND, clearing your EMOTIONS, connecting with your BODY, working with your SELF GROWTH, supporting your HEALING and RAISING your VIBRATIONS. You are welcome to explore the blog, events and courses created for you from the heart. Thank you for being a part of our collective evolution.

-Emily Raisanen, Your guide to The Higher Heart

  • Toolkit of a Feminine Warrior Part 3
    One day the children of pure love where asked a question: How can the world set the darkness free and become light?
  • Why moving deeper down is a sign of going higher up
    We are living a period of confusion, doubt, fear and chaos. Many of us are asking is there ever a way out of this? When we ask that question we expect the people who take care of our society to have the answers yet we end up having more questions, confusion, chaos. 
  • Imagining A Dream Into Existence
  • The Power of Forgiveness
    Many times in life we find ourselves focusing on things that happen outside of us. And if only that thing changed then we would be able to feel free, happy and alive.
  • Trying out your wings
    Taking long walks in nature is balancing. Today I had and encounter with a bird who clearly wanted to show me something. It was walking right in front of me and turned it’s head just to see if I was still following it.
  • What are you here to learn?
    There is something in every situation in our lives, if we start to become interested, that can change whatever chaos you are currently experiencing. When we find ourselves in the middle of a chaotic event in our now moment there are many opportunities waiting for our awareness.
  • When you know, YOU KNOW.
    I used to play a game with life. I would know that I have to go somewhere or to contact someone. And every time I knew that and followed that knowing I would end up having visions about my future, be at the exact right time at the right place, or when I was younger it was usually because I was a key player in something that did not work and needed to come down and to rebuilt a new. The game became really interesting.
  • Transmuting physical pain
    Underneath all chaos there is an order in life. That order works with infinite intelligence.
  • The Light In You
    The higher the frequency the faster and lighter it is. Studies have shown that when put into the same environment, particles of light that have the same frequency gather together.
  • Healing Begins
    I used to work as a laser machine and skin expert. I was teaching doctors how to work with the machines. I understood the technology and also the qualities of the skin. I feel there is a similarity in the way we removed unwanted skin areas and the way we remove spiritually unwanted mental or emotional energies.
  • Love is All Healing
    What ever is coming through these blogs is an expression of a feeling in a moment. What ever is written is written in a moment when that expression becomes a clear message. The message now is clear.
  • Transmuting all that was hidden
    What we are experiencing now is a massive transition in all levels. It feels like we are in a state of uncertainty and chaos collectively, globally and personally but understand that this is not what it seems to be.
  • Evolution Part 6 – Trust In The Perfection
    Every day we choose how we want to co-create the world. Have you ever stoped for a moment to take a look at where that choice arises in you?
  • Toolkit of a Feminine Warrior Part 2
    We seek knowledge yet we don’t understand the laws of knowledge and what that knowledge is. There is a certain way that governs everything and understanding how it works requires a warrior who is willing to choose love.
  • Evolution Part 5- Vibrations, Heart Of Gold, Golden Age, Body Of Light,
    If the evolutional purpose is to grow and transform what does it mean exactly?
  • The Details Of Your Life?
    What kind of world do you want to create? I’m not asking what have you experienced in the past but out of curiosity: What is a world of your dreams made of?
  • Evolution Part 4- Exploring Possibilities
    You have all that you need to create anything you want. There are sometimes things that feel like they control your possibilities, but it all comes down to what is it that you believe is possible and how do you shift your awareness in such a way that it becomes easy to see all distortions in your life.
  • Evolution Part 3 – Heart Intelligence
    Something I learned as a very young child was that things might seem confusing, chaotic, even like there is no way out of a situation, hopeless or out of control and that is just as it is, an illusion.
  • Toolkit of a Feminine Warrior Part 1
    Intriguing header but what does it mean. What does that mean to you. The word warrior? We can have an image or a thought in our minds about it but there is something special about the warriors I am telling you about now. 
  • Evolution Part 2- Universal frequencies
    As we explored in the previous post energy has different frequencies. We can experience this as mental, physical and emotional change that happens every day.
  • Evolution Part 1- Introduction
    First let me explain that everything in life is made out of energy. Yes energy. You too are energy which is already a  science based fact and no longer a woo-woo belief that was ones created by the few people that chose to see things differently. And as everything is energy it has a resonance. All energy vibrates in a certain frequency. And that frequency creates specific outcomes in form.