There is something in every situation in our lives, if we start to become interested, that can change whatever chaos you are currently experiencing. When we find ourselves in the middle of a chaotic event in our now moment there are many opportunities waiting for our awareness. And it can all seem like an endless battle that just keeps on coming that no matter how hard you try you just keep stuck with those same situations coming at you one after another.

Just read that sentence again.

Then I would like you to think about it, without bringing something from your past experiences, without projecting something that will happen in the future, and just be calm, let your emotions run in the body, with no reaction from your mind at all. Ones you found that sweet place of calmness, even if your body does not agree with it, stay there. 

Our body repeats the command our mind has made. It reflects the beliefs , ideas and scenarios you are used to create and then you confirm that state of emotional chaos is real by enforcing it with your mind, the way you think by default. If you want to change, it becomes clear that we have to let our body experience as it is and tell our mind to send new signals to let the body know that You choose NOW a new way to experience this chaos.

My life has been a training ground to teach me just how to stay calm in chaos. If there is one thing that this soul in this human experience is really good at is being calm when everything is in chaos. I have been in numerous of situations where I have been right next to people committing suicide, having life threatening illness, having accidents that can lead to death, in situations creating emotional, physical and mental  trauma. I have been sitting next to death and looked it in the eye with calmness. I have been there as a friend, family member, lover, someone who happened to walk by, a stranger. Just to witness that. My life has been preparing me for ultimate calmness by showing me the beauty of this single playground of existence where we choose to learn and grow.

My body has been repeating this calmness out of default. It is very useful to stay calm and I think it is a beautiful gift that can serve others when those situations occur. So if you want to know how that can be created no matter what the situation is the answer is simple; It is created inside you, as you, in your consciousness. Becoming aware of your thoughts and how your body responds to them. Your body is like a teacher that can tell you when something in your energy needs your attention. And your body signals you to respond. Now the trick there is that YOU CHOOSE WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FOCUS ON. That’s right you my friend are a powerful creator of your life.

“All situations in our lives are opportunities to grow. “

If we look at the world from a point of a teaching environment we can learn to grow spiritually in every situation we have. All situations in our lives are opportunities to grow. If someone told you that this is only one of the educational forms of reality and that you have all the time to learn your lessons, but if you want you can start right now to expand your view of your potential. Would you take that as a possibility or just carry out as you have always done?

What if we had layers and layers of opportunities that reach far beyond our perception of life and death? Would you consider your life from another perspective and start now to work with your limiting behaviours and beliefs? Well a good chance is that if you have read so far you might want to start to reframe the concept of life as it is.

Something happens in my body ones the chaos is over. It automatically clears the energy of that chaos. It releases by crying, shaking, shivering and with a big sigh of relief breath. And just by magic it feels completely balanced again. Now this is another important thing. We can clear away the trauma we have. If you happen to be the calm person in the chaos you still might be holding your own vibration of what ever you have to go through in that situation. Many people just press that down. Just push it down like it never happened. They think it’s strength. Sooner or later that unresolved strength is either creating blocks in your life or the more commonly same situations so that you can clear what ever you need and learn what it is that you need to learn.

Clearing your emotions is beautiful thing. We don’t need to have the feelings of anger, shame, irritation, sadness and so on. We are free to experience a complete non reactive balance. That can take some time to train yourself but that is what this moment to moment offers you. Where do you want to put your focus in? What are you still attached to? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go inside for answers. It can all be found in you. Close your tv, computer, phone. Close the news, other peoples opinions. Just close your eyes and breathe with yourself. Becoming more balanced, non reactive, flowing inside, like a beautiful state of being, just observing and melting into yourself. One layer after another. Connecting with your highest self.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen,