How do we know what is a higher emotion and what is a lower emotion? Remember that all emotions are sounds of the great symphony just in different frequencies. The key here is to access our higher awareness and create higher vibrational responses. 

When we vibrate high all the time we have made a home in the higher dimensions. And to be clear it is your inner state of consciousness that you are working with as a physical form. For thousands of years we thought that we need to dwell in the lower dimensional states just because we where taught it was a normal.

We don’t really focus on creating higher emotions by working with the lower emotions. Instead we get a quick fix of higher emotions just to see after a while that we need something more to keep that feeling up. 

Emotional mastery and healing is a way for you to start to take those emotions and make them something permanent by connecting with the deeper aspect of you. To bring meaning in such a deep level that at the same time you don’t really notice it.

Because you feel so content that you forgot to feel the lack of it. These feelings become so natural as your inner state of being moves in you and embodies your higher aspects that you don’t really notice how incredibly peaceful you are. Your inner emotions are in balance, neither low or high because you are in harmony and accept all of you. You become whole. As you already are.

While you are working towards emotional mastery know that confusion is a big part of the process. It means you have detached yourself from the old you and not yet integrated all of the new aspects that are available to you. Just keep on doing the work you do. If you feel tired take a rest and then start again.  This too will become a natural thing in time and you will know when to rest, when to create the new and when to just full in purge the old out. Listen to your inner knowing. You do know yourself better than anybody else. 

Going through emotions is a big thing and you should give yourself time integrating and aligning with the new. If you feel confused, out of balance and disoriented and are not able to function in your everyday life please take a brake and do grounding exercises. Be mindful of when you need to take a brake. 

“When you have mastered the emotional response you will start to be more creational and choose what you want out of your life experiences.”

When you have mastered the emotional response you will start to be more creational and choose what you want out of your life experiences. What you decide to create is up to you.

The emotional body carries the past. There are all the stored unresolved feelings of all events, situations, lives and relationships and also the BIG THING, your self-love! Yes it is hiding underneath that pile of unwanted and hidden emotions desperately wanting your attention.

The more you repeat the same response and connect it with certain behavior and affirm it with a belief that “this is how it is!”, the more you believe in the complex system that creates your emotional body.  You have created a habitual response every time you feel hurt, fear, anger, shame… but you can start to consciously transform those habits.

You know exactly how that feels. Because it is an imprint in your emotional body system. To change that is to change the way you feel about it the next time it comes into your awareness. Gone are the days when you used to put emotions down. Instead you embrace them, notice them and create new better serving feelings for your whole body. This is very easy to do with conscious breathing. Using your breath to change emotional responses is very easy. Just focus on your breathing when ever you feel a negative feeling taking over your body.

It is also important to let ourselves feel without judging or blaming. Sometimes we cannot express our feelings because it was not allowed. Just allow that for yourself now. You are allowed to feel. We cannot hide away from our feelings. They don’t go anywhere. They need your loving attention. 

Stored emotions are the main trigger of physical and mental dis-ease and when you are faced with that in your life ask yourself what unresolved emotional issues you have that you are ready to let go and heal within you. What can you learn from them? What beliefs about yourself you have when you are feeling those emotions?

To make it simple and easy; What feels good in you takes you there, what feels not right, somehow missing something or not good in you avoid that. Oh… of course there are those moments of feeling uncomfortable yet at the same time you know  in your heart that you have to move that in your life anyway…that’s the fast track. Go for it with an open mind and heart and let love lead the way.

Use your powerful heart to connect with the flow of unconditional love and start to move bit by bit in that way. Lean into discomfort.  And know that there is always unseen help for you if you choose to call it in. To see in the dark you need to see the light in it. It is the same but in a different frequency. This applies to the layers of consciousness as well. You need to match the vibration to become aware of it….

…And you are always already home.

The keys to emotions; become aware of your negative lover frequency emotions (awareness)- look into what it means to you on a deeper level ( beliefs) and allow yourself to feel it – start to change it ( conscious breathing ) – And make the higher frequency emotions permanent ( constant practice of awareness and transformation).

You are always loved.


©Emily Räisänen,

Why Am I writing about this. First let me explain that everything in life is made out of energy. Yes energy. You too are energy which is already a  science based fact and no longer a woo-woo belief that was ones created by the few people that chose to see things differently. 

And as everything is energy it has a resonance. All energy vibrates in a certain frequency. And that frequency creates specific outcomes in form. So if we would think of the energy as us and think of thoughts and feelings as different frequencies would you think that it is possible to change your frequency and change the way your life becomes the physical expression to it?

We think that our body and mind are the only way to experience this life and therefore what ever we experience becomes who we are. Well what if you first existed as a form of energy? Now hold on with me for a while. You came here as a baby and what happened after that? How did you know what to do, what not to do or who you are in the first place. We often say I am this and that usually our titles or different roles we play in life like family status, gender, work career titles, our religions, our body types or other visual effect we make out of us, as this and that and what ever. But really if you look at it truly what can you say about yourself? Who are you?

So back to frequency… as energy looks into the polarities of itself to evolve and grow so do we as humans look into the polarities in life and if we want to have balance and harmony we have to look at our lives straight in the eye without fooling ourselves. 

Most of us are good at putting things down to look the other way. We don’t want to see something so we usually think it is someone else that has that problem and not me. You know… “ My life is great but that person at work is just so annoying and makes my life hard” or ” This would be a great relationship if only the other person would not be this and that…” We are completely unaware that we are having this inner talk and negative projections at our own life and we might even hold on to this for years reinforcing that it indeed is the other person causing us to feel bad without understanding what is it that we are doing to ourselves on the inside.

If you were to have growth in mind what do you think happens when all that stuff that is pushed away or not seen needs to come back out. It creates chaos. Chaos is just a form of energy gone to the other end of the spectrum looking to find balance. To come back to balance it has to see the other end and create harmony in the middle. And in order to evolve we would need to change those negative polarities of our energy back to harmony by letting go of chaos from ourselves and ascend into higher frequencies.

“Your emotions might be going up and down  and you might be a total mental, physical and emotional wreck…”

We are at this point going through the human evolution of ascending our frequencies into higher possibilities. And what that means is to become the energetically highest version of you. You have a choice in this. You have a choice of the easy way or the hard way but this is occurring whether you believe in it or not.

For something real to understand the experience and to maybe start to think about it actually happening there are a lot of signs and signals in your life. Well the fact that you are actually reading this post is already a sign that you are resonating with this information in an energetic sense.

Common signs of experience is when your life changes in some way. You need more time and space, you might have unexplainable physical pains and reactions, major life events, not sleeping well or waking up in weird hours in the night, you may have lost interest in life and are seeking to find something new every time hitting a wall and not knowing what are you really searching for. Your emotions might be going up and down  and you might be a total mental, physical and emotional wreck…

They are mostly the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences that let us know we are evolving and need to drop density in our mind-body and spirit. And so we need to make changes and really see what it is that wants to come out and release it self.

So what can we do about it and what does it mean? I will write about this to you on my next post. Just know that you are not alone, crazy or even anything that you believe you are. You are evolving and love is the key.

You Are Always loved.


© Emily Räisänen,