I used to work as a laser machine and skin expert. I was teaching doctors how to work with the machines. I understood the technology and also the qualities of the skin. I feel there is a similarity in the way we removed unwanted skin areas and the way we remove spiritually unwanted mental or emotional energies.

This is how we did it:

  • Cut the skin in a perfectly precise area applying laser focus.
  • Take out the part that is less than perfect and leave the healthy skin

And what happened then was that the skin needed to heal. The cure was over and the healing began. It needed several days of healing. The outer layers of the skin were peeled off and left with layers that felt painful when exposed.When the skin heals it naturally renews it self.  Begins to create new strong layers. At first it feels painful. Even more then it did before. And looks like a mess. But in time it was healed into its original perfection healthy, pain free and perfect.

We are removing a lot of contaminated, unnatural areas of our being. We are carefully and in precise focus creating a laser that will remove the smallest impurities. The larger the area the more it takes time to heal. The issue has been removed but we still feel the after effects as we are healing the wounds. And we can’t see that it is actually a healing process. We feel hopeless, angry, frustrated and exhausted to come all the way to going in the darkness to heal that part in us and yet we feel like it is creating more pain.

“Why do we see in the dark?

Because we shine our own light in it.”

Know that it is actually a good thing. We become aware of the unresolved lower frequencies in us. What a gift it is, a blessing. That part in us is healing. We are seeing if there is more of us that needs the laser focus and remove even the smallest things. Nothing but perfection in us will be making it’s way. We are already perfect. At some point all of the unwanted miscreations are removed, gone through a process of healing and returned into it’s original perfection. So what ever you are going through remember to have faith. You are so powerful. There is nothing to fear. It is all already perfect. It is done.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com