Many times in life we find ourselves focusing on things that happen outside of us. And if only that thing changed then we would be able to feel free, happy and alive. We think we can’t move in our lives because that has not happened yet. We don’t really see another way. So we wait and wait. Before we know it we dive deeper into it. 

We feel lost, out of hope, depressed, angry, betrayed, confused, abandoned, sad…

And we think that what is going on outside of us is causing this. Right at that point we have lost our freedom. We have gone so deeply lost that nothing can make it worse.  We feel a deep disappointment and blame it on other people, situations and even higher powers.

You know what? 

You should congratulate yourself. You have a unique opportunity here. When we say we cannot have an affect on things, we can ALWAYS have an affect in our own inner state. The opportunity here is to go deeply into that darkness and merge it with the light inside. You have the ability to choose what you experience inside of you.

Light and dark are not separate. They are aspects of the same in a different form. When you find yourself deeply in the dark inside your mind, body and life, try to find something that you can forgive. Darkness can’t live in forgiveness. When darkness is forgiven it returns to the light. It is transmuted in the source of all existence. It becomes what it always was, a part of everything in a pure form. 

I was instructing a full Breathwork Class and while people had their session someone started to cry. Right at the other end of the room someone else started laughing. Then just like being in an intelligent rhythm they switched. The person who laughed started to cry and the person who cryed started to laugh. 

What a beautiful thing to witness. See nothing happens by coincidence. It is like looking at the creation of a symphony where all sounds find their purpose in harmony. A beautiful harmony in an order. It might sound chaotic if we can’t find all of the notes but when we listen carefully it really starts to make a structure of harmony, unity, order in chaos, pure intelligence and the higher heart in action. Merging duality.

You are a powerful creator in your life. Allow that symphony to arrange itself into harmony. You can allow a higher power inside you to guide you home.

“By finding your own darkness

you find a way to contribute to light “

This is really important. Probably the most important thing I can teach you…

…You can have a beautiful opportunity right now to find out what is dark IN YOU and let that go by forgiving yourself, others and your life situations. Are you angry? Do feel like something is somebody else’s fault? Do you feel lost and hopeless? Who is feeling this?

Go deep inside of you by finding your own darkness and you find a way to contribute to the light of our collective energy by releasing, transmuting and forgiving all. All of it. Everything. Go into your heart and forgive.

Not for the others, not for the life situations but because of you. When you forgive you will expand, feel lighter, become a whole other vibration in energy, a being of light. That will spread like a violet fire around you and will release those people and situations out of darkness. It starts with you. You have the ability to be a bridge between dualism and merge that all into unity. 

Oh and by the way, you have All That Is, the most powerful force behind you. Know that to be true. You are already free and completely forgiven. Allow yourself to feel into that.

That said I know it really is not easy and can be for a moment even painful. So I have prepared a practise for you to go into your heart and find forgiveness.

Practising Forgiveness

Write down everything you feel you need to let go of.

Sit down with your back straight, hands on the knees

Take a few deep breaths

And focus on the top of your head.

Now spiral that focus like a spiral staircase from your head all the way to the middle of your chest.

See a door on the left. Just behind your heart. Open the door and enter in. Close the door behind you.

Feel yourself in your heart.

Now take something out of the list, Reconstruct it in your mind, the things the atmosphere the people and your emotions. When you trigger your emotions move your hands together in front of your heart (like a prayer position). Take a slow breath in and exhale slowly at the same time lower your hands on the knees. Now forgive yourself and forgive others involved. Do this a few rounds until you feel you have cleared the energy.

You breathe your own energy in and breathe out and release the energy that does not belong to you back to someone else. Allow them to become clear. Allow yourself to unite with your own energy that they ones had. Own your energy space. Allow that forgiveness in.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen,