Every once in a while wild animals knock on my door and ask for help. This year has brought a lot of different animals searching for different kind of help. When I call the animal rescue they reply with the same message; “ By the time we are going to get there the animal will be dead”. So my job has been just to sit with the animal and soothe it so that it can pass over to the other side with the least amount of fear.

Why are we afraid of dying? I find it hard to believe that we don’t seem to care to have answers for something that is such a big part of us like death. Instead we avoid it, don’t want to hear about it, become sad and fearful. Sometimes we are so afraid of death that we stop living. 

Well I might have a different view of death. I think we have the right to have answers to questions like: What happens after death? Who are we and why are we here? What is the afterlife like and do we have an affect on it while living? Do we really die? How can we become conscious enough to move to the higher states of our awareness? What does that mean? Why does this reality exist?

They say the shamans know the way from the lower levels to the higher levels, from the underworld into the heavens. Like leaving clues to yourself so you know what way to turn when you return. I say they might be onto something. I say we can all follow the shamans. Why not understand death while living? Why not live consciously after death?

If we have never questioned death we should at least question life!

Why is there an expected age for life? Can we live physically as long as we choose to do so? What affects our life-force? What is the energy that makes us live? We are not born to live like robots, sleep-wake up-eat-go to work-watch tv-sleep-repeat. Have you really questioned why do we do that?

If you are happy with the idea of having a few weeks of holiday in a year you might say you are waiting for that time in your life to happen. The most common answer would be for survival. And what comes after survival? Death. What comes before that? Fear. Two core beliefs.

Why are we living? Is it to survive or to die? Are you questioning life already?

“Why not understand death while living? Why not live consciously after death? “.

Today I had the privilege to sit with a baby hare while it was passing over. We should all help release our loved ones to enter another state when they die. We can learn to hold a loving space and allow them to move on and experience the next step in their consciousness.

Passing over might not be simple. That is why it is good to start asking yourself: “What is it that I want to experience after death? Can I do something right now that will allow me to have more awareness when it is time to move out of this physical reality?”

In a multidimensional universe we can become aware of one state but not aware of the other. Just like in your life you are aware of that life but not necessarily asking if there is another state of awareness you can become aware simultaneously. And like we can move our awareness in this life to multiple things at ones wouldn’t it be possible to move our whole state of consciousness into multiple other realities?

If we can experience multiple states of awareness in one form of energy what do you think happens when we die? If you could relocate yourself or move your consciousness and still be able to access your body in this life what would you think of death? Would you be afraid of something you could experience while living?

Like I said the shamans leave clues for us so that we can start to have our own experiences. 

And we have the power to question life and death. We can start living from the heart right now and face our deepest fears. We can assist each other to look fear in the eyes. We can support each other to let go of the illusion of death so that we can start to live this life as we are meant to live. 

That baby hare passed on in a beautiful calmness. There was something sacred in the air that was indescribable. There was beauty and harmony. There was love beyond words. And how sacred is every moment we live and die. Thank you for living the life you live. 

You are always loved.


©Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com

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Let us feel a little into dualism and why is it important to feel into it?

Let’s talk about the light and the dark.

Many times in life we find ourselves focusing on things that happen outside of us. And if only that thing changed then we would be able to feel free, happy and alive. We think we can’t move in our lives because that has not happened yet. We don’t really see another way. So we wait and wait. Before we know it we dive deeper into it. 

We feel lost, out of hope, depressed, angry, betrayed, confused, abandoned, sad…

And we think that what is going on outside of us is causing this. Right at that point we have lost our freedom. We have gone so deeply lost that nothing can make it worse.  We feel a deep disappointment and blame it on other people, situations and even higher powers.

You know what? 

You should congratulate yourself. You have a unique opportunity here. When we say we cannot have an affect on things, we can ALWAYS have an affect in our own inner state. The opportunity here is to go deeply into that darkness and merge it with the light inside. You have the ability to choose what you experience inside of you.

Light and dark are not separate. They are aspects of the same in a different form. When you find yourself deeply in the dark inside your mind, body and life, try to find something that you can forgive. Darkness can’t live in forgiveness. When darkness is forgiven it returns to the light. It is transmuted in the source of all existence. It becomes what it always was, a part of everything in a pure form. 

I was instructing a full Breathwork Class and while people had their session someone started to cry. Right at the other end of the room someone else started laughing. Then just like being in an intelligent rhythm they switched. The person who laughed started to cry and the person who cryed started to laugh. 

What a beautiful thing to witness. See nothing happens by coincidence. It is like looking at the creation of a symphony where all sounds find their purpose in harmony. A beautiful harmony in an order. It might sound chaotic if we can’t find all of the notes but when we listen carefully it really starts to make a structure of harmony, unity, order in chaos, pure intelligence and the higher heart in action. Merging duality.

You are a powerful creator in your life. Allow that symphony to arrange itself into harmony. You can allow a higher power inside you to guide you home.

“By finding your own darkness

you find a way to contribute to light “

This is really important. Probably the most important thing I can teach you…

…You can have a beautiful opportunity right now to find out what is dark IN YOU and let that go by forgiving yourself, others and your life situations. Are you angry? Do feel like something is somebody else’s fault? Do you feel lost and hopeless? Who is feeling this?

Go deep inside of you by finding your own darkness and you find a way to contribute to the light of our collective energy by releasing, transmuting and forgiving all. All of it. Everything. Go into your heart and forgive.

Not for the others, not for the life situations but because of you. When you forgive you will expand, feel lighter, become a whole other vibration in energy, a being of light. That will spread like a violet fire around you and will release those people and situations out of darkness. It starts with you. You have the ability to be a bridge between dualism and merge that all into unity. 

Oh and by the way, you have All That Is, the most powerful force behind you. Know that to be true. You are already free and completely forgiven. Allow yourself to feel into that.

That said I know it really is not easy and can be for a moment even painful. So I have prepared a practise for you to go into your heart and find forgiveness.

Practising Forgiveness

Write down everything you feel you need to let go of.

Sit down with your back straight, hands on the knees

Take a few deep breaths

And focus on the top of your head.

Now spiral that focus like a spiral staircase from your head all the way to the middle of your chest.

See a door on the left. Just behind your heart. Open the door and enter in. Close the door behind you.

Feel yourself in your heart.

Now take something out of the list, Reconstruct it in your mind, the things the atmosphere the people and your emotions. When you trigger your emotions move your hands together in front of your heart (like a prayer position). Take a slow breath in and exhale slowly at the same time lower your hands on the knees. Now forgive yourself and forgive others involved. Do this a few rounds until you feel you have cleared the energy.

You breathe your own energy in and breathe out and release the energy that does not belong to you back to someone else. Allow them to become clear. Allow yourself to unite with your own energy that they ones had. Own your energy space. Allow that forgiveness in.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com

Underneath all chaos there is an order in life. That order works with infinite intelligence. And if we start to look at our individual points of that chaos and use our will to examine the points of order in it we will find out that everything is moving towards a greater expansion.

In my individual point of awareness this realisation occurred while dealing with intense pain. Most people would run to look for a cure. Something to ease the pain. Something to make that go away. Maybe for some-one else to tell you what that pain was and how can it be cured. My soul has a rebel and stubborn power of will and it took a different path of exploration.

One day I woke up with excruciating pain on my shoulder. Just out of nowhere. It was so intense I didn’t know what to do with it. So I did what I do most of the times I find myself in these kinds of situations: I sat with it. Feeling it. Moving my attention towards it. Exploring it. So that I can become familiar with the structure of it. 

Everyday I became more familiar with the little details of intense pain. I had many occasions in between to work with my thinking, feeling and mastering every vibration of energy that was created. Increasing the love and respect I felt for myself. When I’m healing a part of myself I love to add an intention that I am healing that in the collective and I can do this because I know that we are one. So when I get a chance to really dive deep into the darkness I know that I can pull so much light in even if it feels deeply uncomfortable. That is one of the gifts of my souls individual spark in wholeness.

Because of that stubborn way of thinking my shoulder started to teach me more. It was feeling better and then I hit into a door. It was feeling better and then I fell on the ice and hit that shoulder again so that only the sound of my breath and my awareness of that breath remained to cope with the pain. With tears running down my face I got up and walked home and…. I sat with it. No analysing, judging or making assumptions. Just becoming aware of the different sensations: feeling of tears running down, feeling of breath taking massive inhales to fill my body with the energy I need, feeling the movement of cells and tissues as they vibrate and are trying to find ways to bring back harmony. And the aliveness of everything happening simultaneously.

“We can consciously move towards the desired frequency and start moving the tones into higher octaves. “

One night I was exhausted. I had a day of dealing with other peoples worries. Supporting them and giving my best in every situation totally forgetting myself. Usually I remember to stop and take care of my own energy but this day I had no time for such pauses. It was like one moment of disaster after another just kept on coming and I was called to assist it to make harmony again. At the end of that day I collapsed with exhaustion and pain just ready to give up…But the stubborn mind wasn’t giving up ”maybe I can still meditate” – said the mind. So I got up and started to prepare to meditate. Feeling worse…. “ ok, maybe if I meditate for the world, maybe I have a better focus then”- said the mind again. 

I focused again and was filled with what felt like a warning that if I don’t lie down now who knows what will happen. I take those feelings seriously and lied down and right at that time a pain mixed with exhaustion started to move in my body. Let me tell you if you observe a thing like that it becomes quite interesting. 

Here again I had to make a decision: be a victim or the adventurer. Since the easy path was already explored in my youth and I found out it created only more chaos in life I realised there was only one thing to do. To take the adventure and merge with it. The tools for that kind of adventure are:

Move your breath in a way that the pain allows you to with least resistance

Relax your body


Repeat until free

See when you move your breath while relaxing your body you will find out that there are multiple ways to move that breath. It might feel small and tight at first but then you trigger more relaxation and you find a more clear passageway for it to flow smoothly. Ones you are on your way of expanding that without any thoughts about it just being with the sensations ( the pain too) you repeat until a breakthrough. What I explained before is that there are no beginnings and ends of sensations but we can consciously move towards the desired frequency and start moving the tones into higher octaves. So in a very practical way of of doing that we breathe, relax, expand and repeat until we are free, we let go.

That exploration took me into the awareness that pain can turn into bliss but in fact they are there at the same time and it is just our point of awareness that chooses what frequency we are focusing in. I spent a long time in just pure bliss totally aware of that pain but the feeling of pain changed and could no longer be called a pain. It was beautiful and natural at the same time. It was.

Be brave my adventurers there is lots to explore. Your mind has the power and your breath has the key. Your heart is the treasure. You can choose with the power of the will, explore with your awareness and be love as the intelligence of your heart.

You Are Always Loved.


©Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com

What we are experiencing now is a massive transition in all levels. It feels like we are in a state of uncertainty and chaos collectively, globally and personally but understand that this is not what it seems to be. There might be a lot of confusion especially as new awareness opens up in all humanity. There is a powerful high frequency light coming in transmuting lower frequencies that have controlled humanity for a long time. Know that these waves of light do bring in everything that has been hidden. Many of us have been feeling this and shifting energies into harmony daily. 

This light will bring suppressed trauma, emotional wounding and other issues that where put down for you to see and release. This is why so many things are going on in our personal lives as well as worldwide. As the frequency rises (and it is moment by moment) we will feel it as our physical, mental and emotional habits and patters become up and our old trauma reminds us in someway. When that happens we can free it without judgment and let it be until it has moved in us and feels ready to be released. The more we release the more light we become. 

Tools and clarity in my book: Aligning With Divinity- Through Spiritual Transformation

There are many things about to come through that will  challenge our belief systems. What we used to do is suppress that and just hide it deep in our subconscious so that we don’t want to see it, it is too painful. It is hard to change our perception about our reality because we have also programmed our mind since childhood according to what has been presented to us as the truth. 

As more of the higher frequencies move in your body you will be able to integrate the awareness and as you become neutral to it you will be able to shift it into high frequency emotions like joy, balance, acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love. Eventually you will become at peace with it so that you can join in and be a beacon of light in the middle of chaos and a balanced individual who can then be of service to others who are just becoming aware of it all.

“We are in a process of a cosmic rebirth and everything that is not in alignment with that frequency is dropping out.”

We can contribute to the timeline that we are living in and turn feelings and thoughts of negativity into everything that we would like to experience instead right now! When you are sitting alone and negativity fills your head, maybe you read something that makes you frustrated and hopeless, maybe you are stressed about the future…. Take a deep breath into your stomach and let it rise up and out of your mouth. As you are in charge of your thoughts that create your feelings that becomes your reality, next try thinking about something you love, something you are grateful about. It can be a small thing. As you think about it try feeling it fully with your emotions. That small thing will shift your inner state and energetically create something wonderful for you. You can do this. Ones you mastered that try doing it every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts.

There might be days that you are not able to move those negative energies. That is ok. Just let them be. As if they where a part of you and nothing special. Energy is in constant motion. It will move when it is ready. The waves of light that are coming in are assiting the healing. We are in a process of a cosmic rebirth and everything that isn’t in alignment with that frequency is dropping out. We are here to give birth to an awakened world.

All of us have a special purpose. That is being opened right now. You will know what you need to do in order to assist the light expanding and holding those high vibrations for everyone who are not aware of this yet. All souls have their own individual path of experiencing life. It is not your choice to choose for anyone else. You can choose for yourself and expand your light so that you can assist the collective light energy. You can drop judging and pointing into duality and move more into oneness by showing unconditional love and forgiveness as you become more aware of the things/situations/people that might confuse you in your life. 

Start this year by becoming the powerful creator that you are and use your ability to create high frequency thoughts and emotions by working within. Move any negativity you can become aware of and transmute it with deep breaths and positive thoughts.

Your greatest power is the power of shifting energy inside of yourself. Consciousness creates reality. As we are one, that energy shift will affect the whole humanity. 

Sending you a powerful healing now. It is your choice if you want to receive it. If you want to receive this healing energy now say out loud or in your thoughts:

“ I am ready for this healing activation now”

Now take few minutes of conscious breathing to integrate it.

You Are Always Loved.

© © Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com

Every day we choose how we want to co-create the world. Have you ever stoped for a moment to take a look at where that choice arises in you? What part of you is that choice supporting? What is the movement of energy you are setting in motion? What if this year you changed everything that does not serve your higher good?

What that would mean is to look at the ways YOU CREATE your reality. To question your reactions, thoughts, emotional responses and beliefs about yourself, others and everything you ever thought would be a solid truth. That you would have the courage to face your miscreations and to solve how to correct them into the original divine essence of your soul and the reasons for living the life you came here to live. Are you truly ready to heal yourself? The answer is yes. We are ready to leave the painful experiences behind.

This is what is going on right now for so many. The merging of multidimensional aspects and releasing the old programming in our coding. As this intense purging occurs in divine order for each of us we are liberating the original perfection to once again aligning us with the gifts that we came with. We might feel like it is a lonely process as it all happens in very individual ways but we are a part of the collective and where we heal a fraction of ourselves the healing vibration grows beyond comprehension towards our beloved friends on earth. If you feel lonely and like your contribution does not matter know this: The love that you share for yourself becomes multiplied in all humanity for we are one. Thank you for choosing to raise your consciousness.

We have successfully aligned in perfection. Always. What ever you need to become aware of will be presented to you and then you can release it. There are a lot of you who would like the journey to move faster and to have more tangible results of the work that you have been doing within. Know that everything you do to bring more light in through and around you is there. Know that no matter what the outer experiences seem like, you are making progress. Know that the physical manifestations are the last to show up since the vibrations are slower than everything that happens in the higher realms of your soul. 

“There is a unfathomable Divine energy, light providing higher awareness to all humanity now.”

There is a unfathomable Divine energy, light providing higher awareness to all humanity and it is being received in every cell of every human who has chosen to join the creation of the new crystalline body of light for earth and humankind. We are activating our “junk” DNA and transmuting all distortions that we have miscreated to have access into the strands of DNA that hold our connection to our higher perspectives. That powerful transformation that each of us go through in our body is a remarkable gift from our source. If this is new to you but sounds like something you would like to have more explanations about and to have information of the process I suggest that you read my new book Aligning with Divinity – Through Spiritual Transformation.

As your light grows your ability to hold the higher states of your awareness will increase. Everyone is in the right place of evolution. What you are aware of now is moving and not stable. You are constantly expanding, shifting, changing. There is nothing you need to be more. You my beloved are already whole. So start every moment by moment by becoming more aware of your breath, thoughts, reactions and emotional responses. That will make you more conscious about your behaviour and give you a road map of the things you are ready to change that you do not resonate with anymore.

Practice, practice. One day you will feel your thoughts before they came to your head, you will know what your next reaction will be before you reacted and ride the waves of your emotional sea like a surfer who knows it’s way around the surge. You have assistance with you. Look into the little miracles pointing you into a new direction. Unconditional love is here. Let your heart be the gate in where it enters. Have a beautiful New Year.

Join with me now and close your eyes for just 10 minutes. Relax your body and follow the flow of your breath and the beat of your heart. What does it feel like? Your love is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

You Are Always Loved.


© Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com

If the evolutional purpose is to grow and transform what does it mean exactly? How did the man evolve from being part of the connection to earth and the cosmos into separation, lack and forgetfulness? What happened in between today and thousands of years that we can say we have evolved? 

When todays society is speaking of a becoming golden age what are they speaking about exactly and why should you be interested in that? In my earlier blogs I wrote about the vibrations and how our personal vibrational frequency creates our perceivable world. To elevate that which is a frequency one would have to think, feel and act in a desired outcome. Therefore if you want to experience for example love, joy  and peace you would focus on that as a state of being in all levels instead of the unwanted outcome. Energy flows where attention goes.

We have a hard time changing that frequency because in our subconscious mind some aspect of ourselves is still unaware of the frequency it is sending. That is why changing something becomes hard because we are connecting with a cellular memory of an outcome that was created in the past and not yet connecting the brain to create new pathways and new habits in the now. 

To give you a concrete example imagine you want love in your life. 

If your outer world is far from love and everyday you wish you’d see some love in your life you try everything to find love but end up empty handed. If I would break this down for you I would look at few aspects; first you feel the lack of love everyday in wishing and in searching and in confirming that it is not present. Second you try to find that what you feel is missing. See there is an aspect of not having, not being whole that is vibrating in your actions and your thoughts and becoming a sensation in your body and ultimately a habit of being that goes on in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

“If you would want to reverse this frequency you would have to teach your mind that there is no lack. So could it be possible that you in fact are that golden promise?”

If you would want to reverse this frequency you would have to teach your mind that there is no lack, nothing to search for, nothing to wish for and nothing that you already do not have. Therefore  in order to create a matching vibration you would want to create that vibration as it already would be in your life. 

If you want love feel, sense, see, know and become love from inside. Feel love for yourself. How does that feel? Keep repeating that feeling over and over again. Now what is the purpose of elevated feelings and thoughts? It makes us think and act from a  higher point of clarity instead reacting from a state that is not balanced.

When we talk of a golden age what are we talking about? Just from a vibrational point of view in order to create peace, love and harmony we would need to create that vibration inside. So if we would love to see a peaceful, loving world of harmony that is exactly what we would need to create inside. I would like you to think about the saying : “ He/She has a heart of gold”. A heart of gold… we consider that a heart of gold is filled with beautiful qualities. Beautiful vibrations.

And another saying: “ The golden age is coming” Golden Age. Beautiful qualities in that too. Beautiful vibrations. And where do we create vibrations? In our being. So could it be possible that you in fact are that golden promise? That it would be you who through your every word, thought and action would create a stream of golden light of vibrations inside yourself that then reflect those beautiful qualities in the physical reality, cosmos and beyond… Feel how that resonates with you for a while. There is so much love for you. All you have to do is let it in and start creating the world for yourself that you want to have, become your reality. Ascending into a golden being of light.

You Are Always Loved.


© Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com

Why Am I writing about this. First let me explain that everything in life is made out of energy. Yes energy. You too are energy which is already a  science based fact and no longer a woo-woo belief that was ones created by the few people that chose to see things differently. 

And as everything is energy it has a resonance. All energy vibrates in a certain frequency. And that frequency creates specific outcomes in form. So if we would think of the energy as us and think of thoughts and feelings as different frequencies would you think that it is possible to change your frequency and change the way your life becomes the physical expression to it?

We think that our body and mind are the only way to experience this life and therefore what ever we experience becomes who we are. Well what if you first existed as a form of energy? Now hold on with me for a while. You came here as a baby and what happened after that? How did you know what to do, what not to do or who you are in the first place. We often say I am this and that usually our titles or different roles we play in life like family status, gender, work career titles, our religions, our body types or other visual effect we make out of us, as this and that and what ever. But really if you look at it truly what can you say about yourself? Who are you?

So back to frequency… as energy looks into the polarities of itself to evolve and grow so do we as humans look into the polarities in life and if we want to have balance and harmony we have to look at our lives straight in the eye without fooling ourselves. 

Most of us are good at putting things down to look the other way. We don’t want to see something so we usually think it is someone else that has that problem and not me. You know… “ My life is great but that person at work is just so annoying and makes my life hard” or ” This would be a great relationship if only the other person would not be this and that…” We are completely unaware that we are having this inner talk and negative projections at our own life and we might even hold on to this for years reinforcing that it indeed is the other person causing us to feel bad without understanding what is it that we are doing to ourselves on the inside.

If you were to have growth in mind what do you think happens when all that stuff that is pushed away or not seen needs to come back out. It creates chaos. Chaos is just a form of energy gone to the other end of the spectrum looking to find balance. To come back to balance it has to see the other end and create harmony in the middle. And in order to evolve we would need to change those negative polarities of our energy back to harmony by letting go of chaos from ourselves and ascend into higher frequencies.

“Your emotions might be going up and down  and you might be a total mental, physical and emotional wreck…”

We are at this point going through the human evolution of ascending our frequencies into higher possibilities. And what that means is to become the energetically highest version of you. You have a choice in this. You have a choice of the easy way or the hard way but this is occurring whether you believe in it or not.

For something real to understand the experience and to maybe start to think about it actually happening there are a lot of signs and signals in your life. Well the fact that you are actually reading this post is already a sign that you are resonating with this information in an energetic sense.

Common signs of experience is when your life changes in some way. You need more time and space, you might have unexplainable physical pains and reactions, major life events, not sleeping well or waking up in weird hours in the night, you may have lost interest in life and are seeking to find something new every time hitting a wall and not knowing what are you really searching for. Your emotions might be going up and down  and you might be a total mental, physical and emotional wreck…

They are mostly the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences that let us know we are evolving and need to drop density in our mind-body and spirit. And so we need to make changes and really see what it is that wants to come out and release it self.

So what can we do about it and what does it mean? I will write about this to you on my next post. Just know that you are not alone, crazy or even anything that you believe you are. You are evolving and love is the key.

You Are Always loved.


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