What kind of world do you want to create? I’m not asking what have you experienced in the past but out of curiosity: What is a world of your dreams made of? Stop at this question just for a moment.

Can we create our reality? Can we start life like an empty canvas and start to create that world we truly want to live in? 

Many times in our lives we feel stuck and unable to tap into the unlimited resources that we have inside of us. Why is that? When we feel like we have so much to give to the world but something blocks us?

There has been many studies that have come to the same conclusion of us working on an autopilot mode most of our day. We are using our subconscious behavioural habits and patterns to go through life instead of becoming a conscious creator of our lives. We are letting life happen to us instead of becoming the creators of our own reality.You wake up, make your breakfast, and then maybe drive to work, you work for that day , come home, relax in your own way and start that same process again and again everyday.

Did you notice how you woke up? Did you taste and enjoyed what you had for breakfast? Did you look around you and felt the movements of your body while you where driving or where you in your thoughts about the future or past and then suddenly arrived at your workplace? What was going on when you came home? How do you relax and what is it exactly that relaxes you in that?

What are the subtle details of your day? How many times where you consciously aware of the things happening in and around you? Why do you do the things you do everyday? Does it bring you joy?

In every moment we have a chance to choose what we want. And by making a conscious choice you are ahead of your own destiny. If you create your loops of autopilot habits in your life you can become aware of it and choose to create something new. If you choose everyday the same things, thoughts and actions and at the end of a day feel like life just never changes you are looking at the answer in those habits and patterns of the mind-body autopilot. What are the details of your life?

By becoming aware is the first step to change. Instead of shame, quilt, blame, anger and frustration see if you can find acceptance and love for yourself. Becoming aware means not to get attached or piling up more problems over problems. It means observing without judgement and a clear point of view into what is it that needs to fall away or change in you so that you can create more space for the new. 

“In every moment we have a chance to choose what we want. And by making a conscious choice you are ahead of your own destiny.”

Imagine holding an orange. You see a bright colour, you smell the rich sent. You feel its surface, its shape and texture. How many details can you find?

Now imagine yourself and other people as that orange. Imagine the qualities you hold for the people in your life. Imagine the qualities you hold for yourself. As you imagine that you start to feel that there is something more to the outer experience. Something that seems almost soft. And you wonder if you could see something more. So you dig a little deeper into yourself. You look beyond the first impression and get to know yourself and  other people as something more. 

You peel of the skin of an orange. A wonderful sent fills the air. A soft shell opens and shows you a beautiful delicious fruit. It tastes sweet and juicy and you enjoy every second of eating that fruit. As you enjoy that fruit you are left with the skin and some seeds. The experience is over. The peel no longer gives you the feeling you had in the beginning.

In life we go through moments of excitement and when we first discover something it gives us the first impression, we make assumptions, we take notes and compare it to our beliefs about our experiences to see if we can enhance those assumptions. We know what that other person is like and has always been. We form an identity of who we are and will always be. And then we forget to  experience the first touch of an orange. We forget the seed of potential that lives inside everything.

What if you and every person you’ve met was the seed of that orange?  If that seed would get right conditions, perfect soil, sunlight, warmth and care it could grow, expand and  blossom and grow new fruit one day. If it would be left unseen, not nurtured and loved in the dark it would not grow. 

But would that seed still be a seed of potential? And would you and everyone around you be capable of growing in the right circumstances?

If you where the gardener what would you do to help yourself and everyone else to grow into the best version of themselves? You would give them a space to grow. You would love and nurture them. You would shine a light on them. Now do that to yourself. Give yourself some love. 

It all starts from that seed. What kind of world do you want to create?

You are always loved.


© Emily Räisänen, pathtohigherheart.com