Something I learned as a very young child was that things might seem confusing, chaotic, even like there is no way out of a situation, hopeless or out of control and that is just as it is, an illusion. We want to have control over everything in our lives and often it leads to an inner conflict or a dissatisfaction. Have you ever felt like something is pushing you in your stomach, throat or pressuring on your chest? That is an indicator, another form of sensing yourself and telling you to just stop and take a look at what you are thinking/doing/feeling and to understand how all that effects our inner state of being

We get a lot of little hints along our day about what feels good and flowing in us and what feels stuck and rigit. And if we catch that right there, if we become aware of that tiny hint, we can correct the way we are going and prevent us from creating chaos inside. If we are not able to catch it in that moment believe me things get bigger and bigger and if we still refuse to look at it something has to unravel itself with force that manifests like an out of control situation. In other words you are forced to become out of control because you no longer listen to your highest good. 

And change cannot happen without surrendering to acceptance that it is what it is. Instead of trying to control it what if you tried to co-operate with it. When I was put to very difficult situations I noticed two things. One: I am not in control  Two: If I am not in control where can I find safety in chaos? The answer was a part of understanding how balance is created and the answer was TRUST. 

“We now need to start using our heart intelligence”

Trust that your life is always giving you experiences that you are ready for. Trust that even when you have no control over the things that happen you are being guided through that every step of the way. Trust that when you feel like you cannot carry yourself anymore you are being carried by LOVE.

We are going through an evolution right now with a lot of confusion and chaos. In an energetic sense this is happening for us to really look at what we are collectively creating. How far have we taken ourselves from trust and love? And what do we need to do to return into balance and harmony? And at the same time if you think of what I wrote earlier you will see that it is a natural way of us evolving to come in coherence of our collective heart beat.

In my last blog I talked about music and frequencies. And that we need to go higher on our own frequency and at the same time in order to create a beautiful chords we need to come together in harmony. One chord. One universal sound that plays individual tones in a unifying harmony.

Like I explained before there are a lot of things invisible to the eye but very visible to the heart that learns to see. Our heart is intelligent. Some say it is another brain. I agree. It is a power house of intelligence and when we are so used to thinking and logically analysing our way out of situations we now need to start using our heart intelligence…

…and trust that you are always loved.


© Emily Räisänen,